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Waste & Recycling

Sonning Hockey Festival uses Hadleys, a local waste disposal and management company.

All waste from the festival is collected together, there is no separation of recyclable materials on site. This happens back at the Hadleys facility.

"Hadleys are committed on maximising recycling, we are constantly researching and developing ways of bringing our environmental goals closer. In 2016 we moved into a brand new transfer station which has some of the latest technology in recycling. Here we will manage your waste back into its own individual waste stream, this enables us to identify the reuse/recycling of the wastes.


We have installed a Biomass plant from which we use the heat and energy. We are currently looking to invest in a full waste to energy plant, this will help with our vision and goal of sending zero waste to land fill. The plant will produce enough electricity to run our site and surrounding industrial units with the remainder of the electricity passed back to the grid." - Nathan, Hadleys

Single Use Plastics

In 2019 as a festival committee we decided to steer away from single use plastics in line with the global trend to look after our environment.

We have designed our own re-usable plastic pint cups. These are available for a £1 deposit however we found that most festival goers decided to take them home as keepsakes! 

This one simple change significantly reduced the amount of waste we collect over the weekend but we want to keep pushing to deliver a more sustainable festival.


We now offer all updates for the festival through our Facebook Festival Event - The captains pack has been moved online so that we don't print unnecessarily.

We remove dates from most of our signage so that we can reuse them for multiple festivals.

How can you help?

We also ask teams to think about what you bring along and how you travel to the event.

Can you car share? This minimises greenhouse gas emissions and helps us better manage parking on site.

Can you substitute plastic for greener versions? 

Can you minimise your waste?

Together we can make a difference!

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