The following information should answer all of your questions. Please ensure all your players read this so they understand the etiquette and guidelines for the weekend, so we all have fun together!

Welcome Packs
These will be issued to the Team Captain upon arrival. The three most important things in here are:

Playing Schedule
Wrist Bands (incl specific ones for dietary requirements for the BBQ)
Beer Tokens  
Each team will receive two Jug tokens, each worth a 12 pint jug (watering can) of beer or purple nasty. One is redeemable on the Friday evening, and one on the Saturday evening. Tokens are redeemable before 10pm from the bar in the marquee (we will not accept beer tokens following 10pm). Please note no one will be allowed into the marquee on Friday or Saturday night, or enjoy the BBQ without their wrist band. This is for insurance and security reasons – as we need to know how many people we have on site.

Parking is within a designated grass area ONLY. We must insist that there are no cars within the camping area (even for unloading). Of particular importance is that the Ambulance access route is in no way impeded. PLEASE DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY ON SITE AND PARK UP UNDER THE DIRECTION OF OUR PARKING ATTENDANTS.

We have an anticipated 500+ festival goers again this year. Camping is on the grass close to the main marquee. Remember to bring a torch with you so you can find your tent at the end of the evening... or for that all important trip to the loo in the night!

Your Hosts
The event is put on by a team of volunteers from Sonning H.C. who give up their time before, during and after the weekend to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible for your enjoyment. You are our guests and it is our intention to ensure that you have a memorable experience at the Sonning Festival. If you have any concerns, please speak to one of the stewards for assistance or ask behind the bar.

Best Behaviour
This is a Hockey festival and as such we anticipate all the fun on the pitch and in the Marquee which is usually associated with the event. Please be mindful of the other guests at this facility and simply be polite, courteous and considerate to the organisers, other Club members, and other Hockey Festival guests alike.

Cricket section
Our Cricket section may have a league match on the Saturday, please respect them and do not run across their field of play or disturb them! 
The Marquee & Bar
Will be the centre of refreshment and entertainment for all. The Bar will be open from 3.00pm - 12.30am on Friday, 10.30am - 12.30am on Saturday, and 11.00am – 3.00pm on Sunday.

Please note that you will not be allowed to bring your own alcohol into the marquee – please do not try.

The Clubhouse
The Club House Front Bar itself is off limits to Hockey Festival goers as it is reserved for Club Members only. The Changing rooms will be accessible to festival goers at restricted times.

Vehicles, Tents and their contents are left at the owner’s risk. Sonning H.C. accepts no responsibility for damage or theft. In truth, such occurrences have been very rare over the years, although it is impossible for us to keep the general public off the site so please be vigilant and inform the organisers if you witness anything suspicious. With so much fun going on uninvited guests may be tempted to try and join in, so for your comfort the event will be manned on both Friday and Saturday night by a Professional Security Team who will monitor the marquee and immediate area. This means no wrist bands = no entry into the marquee, and no BBQ, so don’t forget to wear yours!

Saturday Night Fancy Dress
Dressing up is always very popular and this year the theme is Best of British so plenty of scope for you to exercise your imaginations!

Showers & Toilets
Showers will be available at Berkshire Country Sports Club for the men. We also have 8 bay external showers to cater for women only at certain times. Please see the relevant times below. The bay showers will be unisex at all other times.

Women (External Bays)
Saturday: 08:00-10:00
Saturday: 17:30-20:00
Sunday: 08:00-10:00

Men (BCSC)
Saturday: 08:00 – 10:00
Saturday: 17:30-20:00
Sunday: 08:00- 10:00

At all other times the external bay showers will be unisex

First Aid
During the hockey the First Aid tent can found central to the pitch. The location is indicated on the site plan. Let’s hope you don’t need it. We expect that teams will bring a basic first aid kit to handle minor knocks and abrasions. Outside of the hockey schedule, please contact any of the organisers. The nearest hospital with A&E Dept is the Royal Berkshire Hospital, London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 5AN; approx 5 mins drive from Sonning Lane. If you have the need to call an Ambulance direct it to Berkshire County Sports Club, Sonning Lane, Sonning, Reading, Berkshire. RG4 6ST, Opposite Blue Coat School. Then please inform the organisers of the emergency.

Campsite Beverage Etiquette
We acknowledge that it is reasonable that many of you will wish to bring some alcohol with you to drink whilst you are setting up your tents, catching up with old pals and also just to be ‘sociable’ after the Bar in the Marquee is officially closed.
However, we would remind you that any profit Sonning H.C. make for all our efforts over the weekend is made over the bar in the Marquee, and that with a minimal mark up to keep the costs down for our guests. We feel that it is unreasonable (and rude) of a Team to drink only booze which they have brought to the event themselves, and still expect to enjoy the amenities and entertainment which is provided. This is contrary to the spirit of the festival and those (few) teams which have acted in this way in the past are no longer invited.

Remember, please be respectful to our immediate neighbours and keep noise, on the Campsite, particularly music, to a reasonable level after 12.30am.

We don’t have many rules but these are imposed as a result of our insurance policy and the Local Authority and as such we take them very seriously.
NO BBQs / CHIMINEAS/ NO OPEN FIRES: Fires will be extinguished and you may be asked to leave the festival.
NO DOGS: Dogs have NEVER been allowed at the Sonning Festival. Not even on a lead; not even if you are equipped to clean up mess; not even ‘Britain’s got Talent’ dancing dogs. This is a rule which applies to the whole site, imposed upon us by the Local Authority and applies to regular members and festival goers alike. WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS no matter how cute or well behaved you believe your dog to be.

Further Questions
During the festival – please come to the Marquee and speak to Andy, Simon or Eddie or any of the stewards, or ask behind the bar.
For pre-ordering of additional team player tickets and payment please liaise with Chrissi, the Festival Secretary - email

Social Media
We would encourage you and your players to join our Facebook page - Sonning Hockey Festival - for all the most update information on the weekend itself; and tweet/instagram us - @SonningHC 
Join the Facebook Event for updates before and during the festival

#SonningHockeyFestival #BestOfBritish


Please note: Festival plans can change through unforeseen circumstances, so please bear with us if we have to make any last minute adjustments to the festival schedule. The organisers reserve the right to make changes or amendments as they determine necessary.

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